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Reviews for Ignite Family Chiropractic

Image of heart in bubbleWhat Our Patients Say

Read what others have to say about the care they have received in our office. Then give us a call to see how we can help you or someone you know with safe, gentle chiropractic care.

 - Dr. Sean Bicknase

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“I have been going to Ignite Chiropractic for about 9 months. I see him about 2 times a week and have felt much better since going in to his office – my posture and awareness of basic health is dramatically improved. He is a caring, Christian man and he is truly about his people, their health and well-being. What has impressed me the most since starting are the methods of preventing problems so they do not exist later. I didn’t want to be a person that waited until it was too late and the problems already existed. When he is not with patients – he studies non-stop to make sure he is up on the latest and best treatments for his people. I was leery of going to any chiropractor at first – but now am blessed to work with Sean and I highly recommend others see him.”

- Jerry D.

I have been seeing Dr. Sean for nearly a year now and my overall health has greatly improved. I have suffered from migraines and headaches for a majority of my life, but since I have started chiropractic care with Dr. Sean, the migraines have occurred less and the overall headaches have been reduced as well. I also bring my daughter, who is almost two. Before chiropractic care, she constantly had stomach issues. She now has not had any sort of issues with her stomach and it has been amazing! I cannot express how much Dr. Sean has improved our quality of life and we are so thankful for him! He is great with children, especially ornery and stubborn toddlers!

- Amanda

My name is Matt and I have been coming to Ignite Family Chiropractic for 8 months. I originally was seeking chiropractic care as I am an active individual and do lots of running, lifting and other exercise. I had some straining on various portions of my legs and decided to seek chiropractic treatment to see what could be done to treat my issues.

My favorite aspect of my membership at the practice and my interactions with Dr. Sean Bicknase is that Dr. Bicknase is passionate and excited when you come to the office and wanting to help you be the best you. Sean has so much knowledge of the human body and how it works and wants to share the information by educating his patients and not just treating them.

I’ve noticed a change in how I view treating my body through my physical activity and other activities that stress my body. I also notice that my body has adapted to the treatment and with the combination of changing some of my behavior and seeking regular treatments, I can see real change in how I feel.

I visit the office weekly because I know that one treatment is not going to be fix all and that will make me feel great forever after that one time. I realize that it takes time. It took more than a day to get my body messed up, so it probably is going to take more than just one visit to get it fixed!

I would definitely refer friends, family and co-workers to Sean. He is great with all his patients and wants to reach people regardless of their experience with chiropractic care or not.

The most vital and important thing that I have learned about chiropractic and my health since becoming a member at Ignite is that my treatment and care does not end the second I walk out the door. I have to own some responsibility to want to improve and make decisions outside of being treated by Dr. Bicknase to make sure that I’m on track to my goals of how I want my body to feel. If I put in no effort and change, the treatments will only do part of the work.


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