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Pediatric Chiropractic in Lincoln

At Ignite Family Chiropractic, Lincoln chiropractor Dr. Sean Bicknase loves caring for kiddos.

Many parents assume chiropractors only treat adults. But the truth is, pediatric chiropractic care is essential for children’s healthy development. As you know, birth is a traumatic experience—it’s the first stressor an infant’s brand new nervous system endures. When that stress lingers in the body, children grow into sick, stressed-out adults.

Pediatric chiropractic care can begin with the pregnant mother, reducing time and pain in delivery. And infants can be seen immediately after birth.

Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic Care

During the first seven years of life, children’s nervous systems are in fast development, forming millions of neural connections. By engaging with chiropractic care that eliminates stress to the nervous system, children develop strong bodies and healthy immune systems.

For children with disabilities or sensory issues, chiropractic care offers hope for improved quality of life. I’ve seen kids become more relaxed and less anxious. In short, they’re happier kids for having received care at Ignite Family Chiropractic.

Gentle Care for Little Ones

Parents may be hesitant to bring their children to a chiropractor because of the “clicking and popping” stories they’ve heard. Dr. Bicknase uses light, gentle techniques with children. Just as he does with adults, he’ll assess your kids with the INSiGHTTM system so he knows exactly which areas of their nervous system to treat.

Providing chiropractic care to children sets them up for a healthy adulthood. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.


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