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New Patient Center

Welcome Home

From your very first appointment with Lincoln chiropractor Dr. Sean Bicknase, you’ll feel like family.

Ignite Family Chiropractic doesn’t feel like a doctor’s office. When you walk in, you’ll hear music and see kids playing. You’ll be greeted with a warm smile, and, on your first visit, you’ll receive a tour of our office.

Your First Visits

Your initial consultation will last 45-60 minutes. Dr. Bicknase begins every chiropractic relationship with a conversation. We want to hear your concerns, learn about your medical history, understand your goals and answer your questions.

If you’re comfortable with us, and if Dr. Bicknase assesses that chiropractic care could be a solution for you, he’ll do a formal assessment using the INSiGHT™ system. INSiGHT™ is NASA Certified breakthrough technology that’s not at all painful or invasive, and it offers invaluable, objective information about the type and depth of stress your nervous system is experiencing.

At your second visit, which will last approximately 30 minutes, we’ll review our findings with you, answer your questions, and recommend a treatment plan. You can receive your first adjustment at this visit, if you’d like.


Some people are nervous about chiropractic care because they’ve heard horror stories about clicking, cracking and popping. While you may hear noises from your joints during adjustments, they’re painless. Dr. Bicknase will be sure to explain what your body is doing, and what each adjustment accomplishes—step by step.

I’ve found that once patients understand what’s happening, they’re able to enjoy their treatment without fear.”
Dr. Sean Bicknase

Ongoing Care

How often and for long you receive adjustments will depend on your specific treatment plan. Subsequent visits are brief—often between 5 and 10 minutes.

Affordable Care

As a cash-based practice, we strive to offer quality care affordably—often less than your insurance plan co-pay. Please don’t assume you can’t afford care for you or your children. Schedule an appointment to learn more.


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